[slide-left]Her voice...
so convincing and reassuring...

Everything she says is just so warm,
 so trustworthy and well, so right. 

You find yourself hanging on
her every word.

Listening to her isn't hard...

It's Ese!




[slide-left]I offer a full range of voice-over services including:

Radio, TV, IVR, Narration, Political, Audio Book, Jingles, Documentaries and more.

✔ Full ISDN and Phone Patch capabilities

✔ 24 Hour Turnaround



[slide-left]CT Hospital - Radio

Benning For Congress - Political

Relief LLC - IVR Phone Messaging



[slide-left]Ese has a rock and roll heart and blues in her bones! Her passion as a singer comes through in her voiceover work turning commercial copy into compelling expressions! She’s a passionate hard worker and will come through for you!
— Moneen Daley Harte , Instructor/Coach (The Great Voice Company)[/slide-left]